Lasik Questions and Answers

Q: Do I qualify for Vision Correction? 

A: If you are 18 years of age and meet the medical and visual criteria you are a Lasik Candidate. The best candidates are those who are dissatisfied with wearing contact lenses or glasses and would like to make a change. 

Certain medical conditions such as: Glaucoma, Keratoconus, may exclude a potential patient. 

Q: How long is the Lasik Procedure? 

A: The painless laser treatment itself lasts about 30-40 seconds per eye. The entire procedure lasts between 15 to 20 minutes for both eyes. 

Q: Does the procedure hurt? Lasik Questions and Answers

A: Lasik Surgery is “Painless”. Some patients may experience a sensation of minimal discomfort, such as scratchiness in the eye, for the first 12 to 24 hours following your procedure.

Q: How Safe is Lasik? 

A: There is always a risk associated with any form of surgical procedure. Although complications with Lasik are rare, you must be aware of them. At Lakeshore Eye Physicians we will discuss with you potential risks and side effects associated with the surgery. 

Q: Will I still need my glasses or contacts? 

A: The goal of Lasik is to reduce or eliminate your dependency on corrective lenses. Lasik does not always correct to 20/20 or even 20/40 vision. You may however, look forward to vision equivalent to your glasses or contact lens correction.

Q: How soon will I return to my daily routine?

A: Majority of patients can return to work or school the next day. Many patients, however, prefer to be treated on Friday to take advantage of the weekend. You will be placed on minimal restrictions, for at least two weeks following your Lasik Procedure.

Q: How much is Lasik?

A: Lakeshore Eye Physicians has several payment options to fit the individual needs and financial circumstances of all of our patients. We will work with you to develop a plan to meet your budget. Click here for Costs…

Q: Does Lakeshore Eye Physicians perform advanced custom wavefront Lasik? 

A: Yes, we believe in offering the most advanced treatments for our patients. 

Q: Does Lakeshore Eye Physicians charge to meet with a doctor? 

A: No, Lakeshore Eye Physicians believes that a patient should meet with our board certified ophthalmologist at no charge for the consultation.

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