Over the years Lakeshore Eye Physicians has received many testimonials from their patients. The office receives letters from all over the world in many different languages to show their appreciation and gratitude towards Dr. Reinglass and his staff.

To Whom it may concern, I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Reinglass for changing my life for the better with the surgery so much has changed. I do not have to wear glasses or contacts because I can see perfectly. My confidence and self-esteem have changed for the better as well. I recommend this surgery for anyone who wants the same results I did. Thank you again Lakeshore Eye Physicians. Read the original testimonial.

This is the first time I have ever felt the desire to thank someone for medical care that I ahve received. I am so grateful for the results that I have seen from the surgery performed at your clinic...My experience at Lakeshore Eye Physicians has been truly remarkable. My pterygium is gone, my surgery and evaluation was performed on the same day, it has been nice to see everyone at the office during my follow up visits, and I get to spend some time in Chicago! Read the original testimonial.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Reinglass and his wonderful staff for providing me with wonderful service while I considered and underwent the Lasik procedure. Dr. Reinglass took the time to answer all questions thoroughly during the first consultation. This put my mind at ease and the decision to go with Lasik became easier. The Lasik procedure was quick and relatively painless and immediately after the procedure, my vision improved greatly...No more going back to the hassle of wearing contacts or eye glasses. Read the original testimonial.

I could not have expected a much higher level of service from you, but you and your staff went above and beyond. During my consultation, I feel that I was properly informed about all the surgery options available to me and felt no pressure to choose one options over the other. I appreciate your willingness to let me choose which method best fitted me. Your nursing staff was wonderful as well. They made me feel comfortable and were very knowledgeable in what they do. Read the original testimonial.

Dr. Howard J. Reinglass, M.D. was extremely helpful and I am 110% satisfied with my surgery. From the moment I walked into the office Dr. Reinglass made things easier to understand. The most incredible thing that happened was that when I was in the surgery room Dr. Reinglas walked me through the process and advised me of what I was going to see.  I was amazed about everything that I was seeing; it was exactly what Dr. Reinglass told me it happen. Read the original testimonial.

Testimonial written in Chinese. Read the testimonial now.

Testimonial written in Spanish. Read the testimonial now.

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